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Natural lipstick balsams produced from the extract of fresh Marigold flowers, with the natural fruity aroma of strawberry and kiwi, as well as essential oils of the authentic botanical and geographic origin, such as Damask rose, lemon and Ylang-ylang, are examples of our course in the herbal cosmetic line development.

Like a holistic oriented herbal medicine, our herbal cosmetics through it's well balanced active ingredients ,which reflects the content of the whole herb, strongly participates in the metabolic regenerative processes of the skin and mucous membranes.


Cosmetical application of the essential oils of authentic botanical and geographic origin for care and protection of lips is  our  relativelly new offer. Essential oils, along with antibacterial  and antiviral activities , are capable to penetrate through the surrounding tissues, and through the olfactory neural system are capable to act on the higher neural centers in the vicinity of the center of emotions. Their activity is a combination of intensified stimuli of the sense of taste and smell, as well as a local therapeutical benefits, what their application makes an extraordinary pleasant exotical experience


Marigold lip balm contains 5 % of the bipolar extract of fresh flower heads of marigold (Calendula officinalis L. Compositae) in the vegetable excipients.

This is pure natural product without artificial coloring agents, conservants, preserving or stabilizing chemicals.

Marigold lip balm has been used to speed healing of the lip cuts, lesions and burns. It is an ideal product to protect the lips from the weather influences (extreme cold and hot dry conditions).

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Natural lipstick balsam contains fruity aroma of fresh strawberries in vegetable basis. It's pleasing scent and taste combined with the beneficial effects of the natural ingredients, makes this natural lip care especially efficient for young.



Natural lipstick  balsam contains genuine and authentic Damask Rose oil (otto) (Rosa damascena var Trigintipetala) in the vegetable basis. If the Rose is Queen of flowers, than Damask Rose is  Queen of Roses .

This extraordinary essential oil is among the most precious in aromatherapy. Used in the form of balsam for the lip care, rose oil, shows a whole effect which can be described as combination of rich, floral narcotic scent, and unique mild sweet

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tarty taste, which resembles to the taste of the fresh rose petals. Acting as cicatrizant and astringent, it helps healling of the cracked lips, and owing to the antiviral and antibacterial properties, it protects lips from the Herpes and bacterial infection manifesting on the lips.

Application of the rose oil lip balsam is much more than simple care and protection of the lips, it is above all an extraordinary pleasant and unique exotic experience.

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Natural lipstick balsam contains fruity aroma of kiwi in vegetable basis. It's mild scent and fruity taste combined with the beneficial effects of the natural ingredients, makes this natural lip care especially efficient for young.



Natural lipstick balsam contains essential oil of lemon (Citrus limon) in the vegetable basis. When applied to the lips the lemon oil acts as a natural antiseptic with the antibacterial and antiviral properties, protecting the lips from the herpes and other infective processes. As a natural tonik and astringent it protects the lips from cracking and damaging. Refreshing citrus aroma makes it's application really pleasant experience

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Natural lipstick balsam contains genuine and authentic essential oil of ylang-ylang Extra (Cananga odorata var genuina) in the vegetable basis. Besides it's antiseptic and keratoplastic beneficial effects on the lips it shows an extraordinary pleasing combination of unique narcotic scent and mild exotic spicy taste, which makes it uncomparable in the lip care cosmetics.

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